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Pharma Franchise for Gynae Range

Pharma Franchise for Gynae Range – Want genuine deals of pharma franchise in gynaecology medicines? Looking for quality gynaecology pharma product range for the franchise in India? Medrix Pharma is one of the leading ISO certified gynecology pharmaceutical franchise companies in India. Our company provides genuine opportunities of PCD pharma franchise for Gynae range, Products, Medicines & Drugs. The business opportunity is available in all the parts of India at affordable investment plans.

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Why The Pharma industry Is Highly Successful in India

Why Is The Pharma industry Highly Successful in India? – Want to know the reasons behind the success of pharma industry in India? The Pharma sector of India has been very successful. We are amongst the top 10 pharma industries of the world in terms of volume and top 15 industries in terms of size. Back in the 90s, India went short of pure Indian Pharma companies and now we have as many as thousands. In this article, we are going to share the insights about the why the pharma industry is highly successful in India.

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How Will GST Effect PCD Pharma Products And Industry

How Will GST Effect PCD Pharma Products And Industry? – GST has rolled out and is making waves in the Indian pharma industry. The initial rates and prices of various medicines and drugs have left the people dumbstruck. The introduction of uniform HSN code and GST rate has impacted the lives of pharma people a lot. Want to know how will GST effect PCD pharma products and Industry? Here we go!

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Difference between Pharma Franchise & PCD Franchise

The difference between Pharma Franchise & PCD Franchise – Pharma Franchise and PCD franchise are two different business entitlements which are making waves. The Indian Pharma industry has been working greatly by spreading business opportunities. Many people are mostly confused between the PCD franchise and pharma franchise. They both have the same nature, characteristics, and benefit but they are different. Here we will be discussing the difference between pharma franchise and PCD franchise.

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