Medrix Pharma

Best third party manufacturing company that is on the runway of becoming one of the fastest growing pharmaceuticals company with over 500+ associates and 80,000 health professionals to our support across the nation which makes us a brand name

About Us

Company Profile

Since the days of its establishment, Medrix Pharma had made a significant presence in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry. Medrix Pharma has the presence in all most every state of the country delivering an extensive range of medicines which are the combination of both skills and best resources. Based in the pharmaceutical hub Chandigarh, we stand out as the top PCD Pharma Franchise Company.

What We Do?

Everyday, we strive to develop medicines that are designed to improve the health and quality of life of patients around the world – medicines which are innovative, effective and which offer added benefits such as reduced side effects or better ways of functioning.

We are working for the complete development of drugs right from the R&D to the launch in the market. Our business model is segregated into four areas which are R&D, Contract Manufacturing, third-party manufacturing and PCD Pharma Franchise business. This is all done with innovative technologies along with the hard work and efforts of our staff and experts, most of them are highly trained and possess a bachelor, master or Ph.D.

Everyday we are moving towards improving the healthcare and medicines for better life. Through our medicine range, we want to create the better and more possibilities for people. Our business partners get the best support from our end to expand their business and to generate profit. We focus on building the long-term sustainable relationships with our partners for great growth in the pharmaceutical industry together.


Our mission is to deliver exceptional healthcare solutions through our PCD franchise network. We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of high-quality pharmaceutical products, coupled with outstanding service and support to our franchise partners. We aim to enhance patient care by fostering strong relationships with healthcare professionals and institutions.


Our vision is to be a leading PCD franchise company that transforms healthcare delivery by ensuring accessibility, affordability, and excellence in pharmaceutical products and services. We aspire to build a robust network of empowered franchise partners, collaborating to improve the health and well-being of communities we serve.


We are successfully headed by Mr. Rohit Sharma who are the leading name in the pharmaceutical industry with the experience of more than 19 years. They have worked in the Pharmaceuticals Human Resources, Production, Distribution, Sales & Marketing at the different level in management category in various reputed companies of India l and know inside out about pharmaceutical sector. Their able guidance has propelled us to a prominent position in this highly competitive industry, and their quality driven approach inspires us to provide our clients with best products in the market.

Medrix Pharma is one of the fastest growing and reputed name in the pharmaceutical sector and ideal for PCD Pharma Franchise and Contract manufacturing.