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Best Pharma Franchise & third party manufacturing company that is on the runway of becoming one of the fastest growing pharmaceuticals company with over 500+ associates and 80,000 health professionals to our support across the nation which makes us a brand name

PCD Pharma Franchise in Ahmedabad – Join a reputed ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Medrix Pharma leading manufacturers and marketers of Pharmaceutical formulations. The main objective of our company includes maintaining a healthy customer relationship with a better hope of credibility and trustworthiness by our customers. The products that we manufactured are supplied all over the country and we have high-quality products and services with the effective team that manages customer relationships. Now we are offering pharma our PCD Pharma franchise in all over India. And, Ahmedabad is our main target destination for PCD pharma franchise
Medrix Pharma believes in revolutionising the world to a healthy world for a living. We own a countless variety of DCGI Approved products, highly skilled and experienced experts from all over the world & impeccable collision of medical science. From latest technology to authentic formulations, we have the best for you to have that professional experience which is our essence.

We are expanding ourselves and want you to be a part of our legacy through PCD Pharma Franchise in Ahmedabad which is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. So we are offering the great business opportunity to enter in pharma industry by providing PCD Pharma franchise. Contact us at to get our pharma franchise in Ahmedabad

PCD Pharma Franchise in Ahmedabad

Best PCD Pharma Franchise in Ahmedabad | Get Into The Business City Ahmedabad

Welcome to Ahmedabad! Title as one of the fastest growing cities by Esteemed names like Forbes, Times of India etc, Ahmedabad is located in the heart of the western state as well being the capital city of Gujarat state of the Republic India which is itself the business capital of the country. We are offering opportunities at the unrepresented areas through appointment of Distributors / New Franchise / Monopoly/ Sole Distributors / PCD Pharma Franchise in Ahmedabad from western India as well from all over the country to apply at India’s best Pharma company, Medrix Pharma.

Following are the points which make us best than from the rest:

  •  Ahmedabad is ranked the 6th largest city as a well 7th largest metropolitan city which makes it a good start for aspiring pharmacists.
  • It nests some of the biggest pharmaceuticals & biopharmaceuticals companies in India with which we have good outsourcing, consolidation as well as partnerships for the good growth of you.
  • The city plays a vital role when it comes to medical facilities for the population from nearby towns & villages due to its good pharmaceutical importance.
  • We have good links and connections with the hospitals, PGI and health centres in Ahmedabad.
    Ahmedabad accompanies 89.62% of literacy rate which knows the importance of good medicines as well good
  • HDI rate shows the capability of it being a city with good purchasing power & good profits.
  • Ahmedabad has rooted itself being a business concentrated place which is a good place to initialize your business and work for a golden future.
  • Big tycoons have been directly or indirectly connected to the city, thus invest in the best return on investment, Medrix Pharma’s PCD Pharma Franchise in Ahmedabad.

Connect with Medrix pharma which is a reputed pharmaceutical company offering the franchise offer near your city in various districts of Ahmedabad.

What Makes Us Different Than Other PCD Pharma Franchise?

Medrix Pharma is the best Pharma Company to initiate your business wings and we will help you soar the sky without any interruption. Your success is our objective. We are bringing it to you through our PCD Pharma Franchise in Ahmedabad which will carve the path to a new horizon. The points to our benefit and what makes us different from others are as follows.

We provide the best quality product at affordable prices. No other company could beat us when it comes to the effectiveness of the products. We provide all kind of support to our associates to get establish in the industry.

The points to our benefit and what makes us different from others are as follows.

  1. Over 500+ DCGI approved products like Powder Selections, Injections, Syrups, Pead/Drops, Tablets/
  2. Capsules, Dental Range, Urological Products, Herbal, Sachets etc.
  3.  We believe in customer satisfaction by trying to fill their requirement & demands.
  4.  Excise duty-free product,
  5.  Transparent & long dealings.
  6.  Affordable pricing
  7.  Genuine investment
  8. Quick delivery.
  9.  Handsome incentives.
  10.  Good marketing & promotion inputs
  11.  Company ensures maximum support

Contact Information

Name: Medrix Pharma

Address: SCF 439, First & Second Floor,
Motor Market, Manimajra, Chandigarh – 160101

Phone Number +91-9988880388

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