Pharma Franchise for Antileprotics Medicine

Pharma Franchise for antileprotics Medicine – Antileprotics Medicine is basically medicines for Bacteria which cause leprosy. This is a very dangerous bacterial infection. Leprosy is a chronic disease which caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium leprae that damage to the skin and the nervous system. The disease develops slowly (from six months to 40 years) and results in skin lesions and abnormality, most often affecting open places on the body (for example, eyes, nose, earlobes, hands, feet). Opening Pharma Franchise for antileprotics Medicine can be a good business.

In Worldwide, two to four million approximately people permanently disabled due to leprosy, and in India figures of infected people are high. So the demand for antileprotics Medicine is very high. In India Opening a Pharma franchise for antileprotics Medicine is a very good business opportunity. By this business option, any person who wants to enter in the PCD Pharma Franchise world can easily get success.

Pharma Franchise for antileprotics medicine

What are Leprosy and its symptoms?

Basically, Leprosy is a bacterial infection and it is also known as Hanses disease. Mostly Leprosy spread between two people. It occurs through a cough or contact with fluid from the nose of leprosy suffering person. It occurs more in that people who survive or live in poverty. The Symptoms are like light-colored or red skin patches with reduced sensation, numbness and feeling weakness in hands and feet, and people may feel pain in joints and loss of skin color, rashes or redness on the skin. It may also reduce sensations of touch, needles, and the most common problem is weight loss.

List of Drugs for Antileprotics Pharma Franchise

To cure this horrible disease a number of medicines are available in the market. Medicines of antileprotics are very strong dosage which cures the disease effectively. These medicines are prescribed medicines and patients can’t buy these without doctor recommendation. Because some serious chemicals and ingredients can give a harmful impact on the body.
list of medicines:-
  • Clarithromycin
  • Thalidomide
  • Sulfameter
  • Acedapsone
  • Ethionamide
  • Dapsone

These drugs are directly consumable by mouth and these medicines can give side effects too.

Prescribes Dosage of medicines

There is also a quantity of taking medication which is suggested by doctors. Consuming medicines on time and prescribes quantity cure the disease timely and quickly. The dosage of every medicine is different and depends upon the age, sex and also on infection.

  • 100 mg per day if you are using medicine of dapsone.
  • For rifampicin, the quantity is 600 mg for two days in a month.

What is the scope of Pharma Franchise for antileprotics Medicine

Leprosy patients in India are very much, and the demand for antileprotics Medicine is really high. To fulfill the demand of antileprotics medicines supply is required. There are many companies who offer their PCC Pharma Franchise for antileprotics medicines. As per the business point of view, we recommend choosing the leading and best company which can help us to earn more profit and give a good response.

Medrix Pharma is one the best leading PCD Pharma company who offer their exclusively Pharma Franchise for antileprotics Medicine. For more Franchise, related queries opportunity seeker can contact us on +91-9988-880-386 and can mail us also at

Why choosing our PCD Pharma Franchise in your region?

Pharma Franchise for antileprotics Medicine

Medrix Pharma is one the leading ISO Certified Pharmaceutical company which exists in the competitive market. We always make sure that our products which we manufacture and distribute meets with and its shelf life and as per quality standards. Medrix Pharma never compromises on quality of the product. As we serve our business to patient life. Hygiene is our topmost priority.

Our well-equipped manufacture units always produce quality products. Packaging, on-time delivery, and spacious warehouse makes our approach strong in the market, and also we get the benefit of mouth to mouth advertisements. We offer the best Promotional support to our associates to make a position in the market. Unique monopoly rights can help you to earn more.

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