ALKADRIX has been prepared by using Disodium Hydrogen Citrate 1.37gm. This composition is used commonly for the treatment of conditions of Constipation, Gastric problems, Acidity, Abdominal gas, Gastric complications and other conditions as well.

Disodium Hydrogen Citrate is an active ingredient works well by retaining fluids in the intestine. It is a sodium acid salt of citric acid (sodium citrate) which is used as an acidity regulator and sequestrant.

Direction to use for Disodium Hydrogen Citrate

Take the medicine as directed by your doctor and make sure to tell your doctor about your all medical condition before consuming this syrup. Apart from this, notify your doctor about your current medication (if any). Use as directed by doctor or instruction for users will be given on the back of the bottle.

Disodium Hydrogen Citrate Syrup – Contraindications

 Disodium Hydrogen Citrate Syrup is sometime Hypersensitive for certain people and it is ita contraindication. The use of is Disodium Hydrogen Citrate Syrup  prohibited in the following conditions:
  • Hyperosmolar states
  • Hypertension
  • Oedema
  • Sodium restricted diets

Packaging and Delivery of ALKADRIX

It is a Pack of 100ml. This product comes with the best quality packaging and the order will be executed within 24 hours of placing it.


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