Cefpodoxime 50 mg


GAMPOD D/S | Cefpodoxime 50 mg – GAMPOD D/S has Cefpodoxime 50 mg, this product is available in 30 ml pack.

Cefpodoxime is a medication which is used to treat the variety of bacterial infection. It is also commonly known as the cephalosporin antibiotic. It is very effective in stopping the growth of bacteria in the body.

The products are made by using best raw materials and ingredient along with the quality packaging to maintain its quality.

Direction to use Cefpodoxime 50 mg GAMPOD D/S:

  • Remember to shake the bottle well before taking the dose of Cefpodoxime 50 mg.
  • It should be taken by mouth.
  • Normally you need to take the medicine after every 12 hours rest it should be taken as per the doctors prescription.

Caution for Cefpodoxime 50 mg GAMPOD D/S

  • Inform your doctor or pharmacist if you are allergic to the cefpodoxime.
  • Tell your doctor about these issues: kidney disease, stomach/intestinal disease (e.g., colitis) before taking the medication for following.
  • Consult your doctor if you are pregnant or breast feeding before taking these medications.


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