Ambroxal15, MG, Guaiphensan 50 MG+Terbutalin 1.5 mg+Menthole 1mg

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KOFWIZ SYP | Ambroxal15MG, Guaiphensan 50 MG+Terbutalin 1.5 mg+Menthole 1mg- Ambroxal is useful for treating the respiratory diseases that link with the viscid or excessive mucus. Guaiphenesin  is used to prevent or treat a cough. Terbutalin is very useful for treating asthma symptoms and many other health issues. These drugs are also useful for treating many other diseases which are not mentioned here. Menthole is an organic compound, used for relieving minor throat irritation.


  • Ambroxal15,MG
  • Guaiphensan 50 MG
  • Terbutalin 1.5 mg
  • Menthole 1mg
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